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Baby Wants - But Maybe Doesn't Need -- New Shoes (Or "The Psychology Of New Shoes")

The Psychology Of New Shoes

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It is hard to imagine any woman turning down a chance to go shopping for NEW SHOES.  Whether she has 1 pair or a 100, the lure of shopping for shoes is over-powering. There just is no question about it, shoes are FUN(!); not to  mention the infinite outfit combinations that become even more FUN to putt together as a result of new shoes!  Shoes must both LOOK right and FEEL right for the occasion. Therefore, choice is needed and the more you have, the absolute better.

Styles change, and so do women's tastes.  Whether high heels or platforms, square, rounded or pointed toes, flip-flops or athletic, the LURE of shopping for shoes is irresistible.  There are just so many kinds of shoes, all serving different purposes. Hours are spent in Shoe Departments all over the world shopping for shoes.  From $5 flip-flops to $500 designer shoes there are so many things to consider. One thing is generally certain: If a woman REALLY likes a pair of shoes, whether she needs them or not, she is very likely to buy them, regardless of PRICE.

I know a Couple, and the wife has hundreds of pairs of shoes. The husband has but two pairs, one black and one brown;  BORING and oh so WAY not enough options. What about Style(? ); and does he have dress shoes or are these two pair of the athletic variety or what?  That, of course, does not include his golf shoes.  Most men have at least two of those if they happen to be avid golfers.  Any way, he says: "That's all I need, and I always have plenty of money to go golfing every weekend." She responds: "You take the golfing (and your boring shoes) and I will take all the therapeutic effects of the shopping”, “ It also is such good exercise, both mentally and physically!"

Being practical about buying shoes is so out-dated.. The more shoes, the more choices.  Life is good if it is all about choices, not about having to be practical. Practicality was for my mother, and the days of practical shopping are gone forever. Now plastic rules (along with beautiful shoes) and somehow the credit card bill will get paid. I mean if we only live once, we should certainly be spending likewise. Life is way too short to not have the cutest and best shoes possible.  We can find other ways to be thrifty but please do not be so when it comes to shoes. The days of the "have mores" are here to rule and the days of the "have nots" (shoes, that is) are long gone forever.

Some Couple are known to prefer to go shopping together (BIG mistake). Inevitably and much to her husband's dismay and irritation, the wife ends up in the shoe department trying on shoes, one pair after another.  A beautiful thing to see, right? She finds a pair she likes and says to her husband: "I want these shoes!"  Her husband replies "Do you need them?"  She retorts:  "No, but they will go great with my pink dress that I bought six months ago, but have never worn because I have never had just the perfect shoes to go with it.”, “Besides, I did put back several pairs that I also liked very much, but not quite as much as these.”,” They are so 'choice', 'sweet' and absolutely the 'most divine' shoes I have, to date, ever seen!!!" The husband gives in, all the while thinking about the bills that are coming due.

A WOMAN would typically  give you husbands the following TIPS about shopping:

·       It's a losing battle.

·       Don't go shopping with your wife -  it ruins her shopping trip. Would you want us to go golfing with you?  I didn't think so. It would ruin your day.

·       When your wife goes shopping, expect a marathon and don't expect her home before the stores close - should she arrive home early it will be a pleasant surprise. If she doesn't, fix your own dinner!
·       Never call her on her cell phone and ask "Where are you?" or "When are you going be home?"  Big "NO, NO" and grave interruption to her "therapy".   She does not want to be in touch with reality while shopping. Trust me on this one.

Girls, ENJOY a most pleasant shopping experience!  Happy shopping! Husbands, Heed my warnings, and all will be well(!);  AND, HAPPY golfing or whatever other pastime compensates for your serious lack of options!

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