Sunday, 23 March 2014

April Fool’s Day

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The ORIGIN of April Fool's day [sometimes called ALL Fools' Day] is NOT clearly known, but it is generally believed to have come about as a result of CHANGES in the Calendar System. The New Year celebrations used to begin on 25 March and last for a week, ending on 1 April. In 1582, King Charles IX of France brought in the new Gregorian Calendar, in which the new year began on 1 January. Unfortunately, some people did not HEAR about the change, and many others simply REFUSED to break the tradition. These people became the object of so-called 'fool's errands' and tests of gullibility.

April Fool's Day, although NOT officially considered a Holiday, is most definitely a NOTABLE Day that is celebrated in many countries on April 1. What is so SPECIAL about April 1 (April Fool's Day) is that it is the DAY for playing HOAXES and practical JOKES of varied sophistication on OTHERS. The AIM of these jokes is to bring EMBARRASSMENT to the GULLIBLE.

SUPERSTITION has it that the practical JOKES are meant to be played BEFORE Noon, and that those that are performed afterwards will bring BAD LUCK to the perpetrator. This limitation is widely losing its value as a Superstition as it is believed to have been contrived by the annoyed PARENTS and SCHOOL TEACHERS who were wanting a RESPITE from the day of pranks, as well due to the fact that many major hoaxes throughout history have appeared AFTER Noon.

Another SUPERSTITION is that anyone who fails to RESPOND in the proper Spirit of TOLERANCE and AMUSEMENT to the JOKES played on them is also said to be liable to SUFFER from BAD LUCK. Weaker sources indicated that being fooled by a PRETTY GIRl will be accompanied by Marriage; or, at bare minimum, by a Friendship with her. That sounds like a good deal if she is TRULY pretty and it's not just April Fools. Along the lines of Relationships, some people believe that getting MARRIED on April Fools' Day is NOT a good idea for a MAN; and that, forever in the future, he will be RULED by HIS WIFE!!

NOW, No jokes HERE, April Fool's Day is a day to be CELEBRATED. Amazon’s got ALL the things you'll need to PRANK...we mean celebrate this FUN, and sometimes FOOLISH, day. ALL the top PICKS for April's Day - from Books, Music, Toys, Movies, Clothing, and MORE – have been gathered. So whatever you're shopping for, Amazon’s got April Fool's Day IDEAS you'll LOVE. PLEASE do VISIT the Online STORE, have a look around and find something to help with your April Fool's Day PLANS.

You WILL doubtless discover that Amazon has a pretty wide variety of products to choose from for just about every occasion. NO JOKE, go ahead and take a look around the STORE, and you'll surely find what you need to participate in the April FOOLISHNESS. This April Fool's Day you may want to look into some new GAGS, JOKE Books, and PRANK accessories. Amazon is here to help with all your April Fool needs. WHEN is April Fools' Day, you may be wondering. Next year, April Fool's day is Wednesday, April 2nd - just joking, it's Tuesday, April 1, 2014. You may know this day as ALL Fools' Day, but no matter what you prefer to call it, Amazon aims to help make it the best, fun-filled, foolish, and memorable April Fool's Day possible. If you like pranks and jokes you have come to the RIGHT place. Amazon’s got home DECORATIONS, BOOKS, TOYS, T-SHIRTS, and MORE. ALL the top April Fool’s Day picks have been gathered right HERE, so your online shopping for this April Fool’s Day should be a BREEZE. Amazon wishes you to join in the FOOLISHNESS and FUN while avoiding those PAINFUL pinches.

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