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Mother's Day, Just ONE Day -- WHAT to Do on Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday

WHAT to Do on Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday

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Mother’s Day was ORIGINALLY a time when people returned to the CHURCH, in which they were baptized or where they attended Services when they were children. This meant that families were reunited as adults, who returned to the towns and villages where they grew up. Over time, it became customary for YOUNG people who were working as servants in large houses, to be given a Holiday on Mothering Sunday. They could use this day to VISIT their own Mothers, and often took a GIFT of food or hand-me-down CLOTHING from their Employers to her. In turn, this moved towards the modern Holiday, on which people still VISIT and take GIFTS to their Mothers.

Traditionally, people observed a FAST during Lent; Lent is the period from Ash Wednesday until Good Friday. During the Lent FAST, people did not eat from sweet-rich foods or meat. However, the FAST was lifted slightly on Mothering Sunday and many people prepared a Simnel Cake to eat with their family on this day.

A Simnel Cake is a light Fruit CAKE covered with a layer of Marzipan and with a layer of Marzipan baked into the middle of the CAKE. Traditionally, Simnel Cakes are decorated with 11 or 12 balls of Marzipan, representing the 11 Disciples and, sometimes, Jesus Christ. One legend has it that the CAKE was named after Lambert Simnel  who worked in the kitchens of Henry VII of England sometime around the year 1500.

Mother's Day, or Mothering Sunday, is nowadays a DAY to HONOUR Mothers and other Mother Figures, such as Grandmothers, Stepmothers and Mother-in-Laws. Many people make a special effort to visit their Mother. They take CARDS and GIFTS to her and may treat her to Brunch, Lunch or High Tea in a Cafe, Restaurant or Hotel. People who cannot visit their mother usually SEND Gifts or Cards to her.


Mothering Sunday (Mothers' Day) is nowadays a DAY to HONOUR Mothers and other Mother Figures, such as Grandmothers, Stepmothers and Mother-In-Laws. Many people make a point of VISITING their Mothers. Customarily, Mothers receive CARDS and GIFTS; and may even be treated to Brunch, Lunch or High Tea in a Cafe, Restaurant or Hotel. People who cannot VISIT their Mother usually SEND Gifts or Cards to her.

An important part of Mothering Sunday is giving CARDS and GIFTS. Common Mother's Day gifts are CAKES, FLOWERS, CHOCOLATES, JEWELRY and luxurious CLOTHING. Some people do not give a physical Gift, but choose to TREAT their Mother or Grandmother to a special Meal, Beauty Treatment or Fun Outing.

Specially decorated Mother's Day CAKES are available in many Stores -- including Online Stores like Amazon. In the days and weeks before Mothering Sunday, many Schools, Sunday Schools and Children's Organizations help their pupils to prepare a HANDMADE Card or Gift for their Mother.

Mothering Sunday is as such a DAY to remember MOTHERS and Mother Figures. Mother Figures may include: Stepmothers, Relatives, Mothers-in-Law, a Guardian (eg. a Foster Parent) or a FAMILY FRIEND. There are many different WAYS to celebrate Mother’s Day. They include (but are not limited to):

  • Family gatherings or VISITS
  • Family Breakfasts, Brunches, Lunches and Dinners; either at Home, at a Café or at a Restaurant. 
  • Personal Telephone CALLS, particularly from children who live AWAY from their Mothers or Mother Figures. 
  • Mother’s Day Poems and Messages. 
  • GIFTS of Chocolate, Jewelry, Accessories, Clothing, Hobby Equipment or Tools, Handmade Items, or GIFT Vouchers
  • A Day at the Movies with Mothers or Mother Figures.

Many people believe that Mother’s Day is now largely COMMERCIALIZED, with Card Companies, Flower Shops, Jewellery Stores, Gift Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, and Department Stores advertising promotions and special DEALS for this event. Anna Jarvis [the modern-times ADVOCATE of Mothering Sunday, in her lifetime, unsuccessfully filed a lawsuit to stop the OVER-commercialization of Mother's Day.

There are, however, various WAYS to show appreciation for MOTHERS and MOTHER Figures on Mother’s Day symbolically or otherwise – without contributing towards, or endorsing, the aforesaid over-commercialization of this very special EVENT. They include WHITE Carnations, which Anna Jarvis asked to be the Official Symbol for the DAY, as well as the International Mother’s Day Shrine. This Shrine is dedicated to the preservation of Motherhood. The Structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States. It is located together with a Museum at Grafton, West Virginia, and aims to preserve, promote and develop the spirit of Motherhood.

The choice of a Mother's Day GIFT is a common celebration of that tradition. Special CARE should be exercised when seeking out a GIFT that proclaims a willingness to attempt to pay a DEBT that can NEVER be fully repaid.

Common Mother's Day Gifts are: CAKES, FLOWERS, CHOCOLATES, JEWELRY and luxurious CLOTHING. Some people do not give a physical Gift, but choose to treat their Mother or Grandmother to a special Meal, Beauty Treatment or Fun Outing, as previously indicated.

A gourmet GIFT such as an Oil and Vinegar Set can pay homage to the grand tradition of Mother's Day in a way that brings a stroke of brilliant ELEGANCE and STYLE to the Occasion.

GIFTS for the Kitchen or that will ultimately tempt the palate are perfect for Mother's Day gift giving primarily because moms spend so much time in the kitchen. Gifts that aid in meal preparations or pamper the taste buds are a welcome departure from more familiar gifts.

A Kitchen GIFT may even indicate a willingness to return for a well-anticipated MEAL with Mom. Spending time with our Mothers is important in maintaining closeness throughout the years. A Mother's Day Kitchen GIFT speaks volumes in regards to individual thoughtfulness, creativity and degree of kindness.

It's possible to become so caught up in our own worlds that we forget the moments in childhood when our jelly-stained hands would reach for Mom's and we'd gaze into her eyes wondering why we so wanted to be like her when we grew up.

Should you be able to take the second Sunday in May off to personally express your appreciation for your Mother, be sure to take along a special GIFT that says YOU CARE. Then, consider investing some of your TIME with your Mom. Grab her hand and look into her eyes, and allow yourself to recapture the wonder of childhood. You're in the midst of greatness! 

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